In Upphæðir

In Upphæðir is an on-going project that I started in 2010. Upphæðir is an Icelandic word with several meanings.
The first meaning of Upphæðir is amounts the second one is more biblical and means the highest heaven mentioned in
Luke 2.14. But it is also a street name referring to the streets location, on a hill. I live in this street, Upphæðir, located in a
very small and special town in Iceland called Sólheimar. One of the world’s oldest Eco-villages.
This project is some kind of a quest for nature in Upphæðir.

So far two chapters from this series have been exposed: In Upphæðir.I and In Upphæðir.II

In Upphæðir.II




In Upphæðir.I


The first images from the project were exposed in Gallerí Gangur / The Corridor, Icelands oldest working gallery, in Mars 2013.
Here are some images from the opening and the preparation of the exhibition.